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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Natural 3 Tones 14mm

Hello everyone!!
emm I thought I already update this type of lens..
but when i checked again, there is no post named 'Natural 3 Tones'.><
I juz realized that I only update it in FB only..so lazy~~
So I reupdate again!!hehe
This lens is suitable for those who love the normal diameter lens..
so it will looks more natural and and fit into your eyes!
No fake big eye lorr~~
The price is RM25 include pos laju.
The different between this series and Candy Natural 3 Tones is NONE!!
SAME design
SAME price
SAME manufacturer
the only thing is
DIFFERENT supplier
Candy supplier has limited degree and always sold out
THIS supplier always RESTOCK and has power until 1000 degree

019-3070247 (Wahidah)

Natural 3 Tones Blue
0-1000 degree

Natural 3 Tones Brown
0-1000 degree 

Natural 3 Tones Green 
0-1000 degree

Natural 3 Tones Blue
0-1000 degree

Natural 3 Tones Violet
0-1000 degree

Natural 3 Tones Pink 
0-1000 degree available
 (sorry no model wearing this color)

1 comment:

  1. kalo nak blytheye series n nk thedollyeye natural 3 tones boley? harga sama x?