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Saturday, January 18, 2014

De Mocha, Waffle Grey, Bambi Brown, Almond Choco

Honestly, im not really want to sell this lens due to low rating of comfort (this lens is from Geo, which is popular with their 'uncomfortable' lens). Yes u can wear it, but not for long wear. too bad because this lens looks sooo pretty on Eki.
U can read the review here: Eki Blog

If u want to try this lens, u can order with me but as i said, im not responsible with any kind of situation that might happen. I must say this lens has pretty design, but im not sure in terms of their comfort. The choice is yours!

De Mocha 16.5mm - 0-300 degree available
Waffle Grey 16mm  - 0-500 degree available
Bambi Brown 16mm - 0-600 degree available
Almond Choco 15mm - 0-600 degree available (this lens only has good review so far ^^")

Price: RM25 free pos laju
019-3070247 (Wahidah)

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